Clinical Depression

By: Deniz Lopez

  Welcome to this blog. I will be talking about Clinical Depression and its symptoms.       A psychological disorder that interests me is Clinical depression. The reason why I picked this disorder is because most teenagers are going through this same situation. Most teenagers in our generation are very depressed in terms of their mood swings. I just find this disorder really interesting because most teenagers go through depression so I can easily relate with this. I’ve also learned that depression gradually affects young teenagers the most.


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 There are symptoms that individuals experience while going through Clinical Depression. One of the main symptoms is your mood swings. When an individual has this symptom, they gradually lose interest in most activities around them and they begin to doubt themselves. Another symptom is sleep, most individuals have trouble sleeping at night and suffer from insomnia. But the good thing about this psychological disorder is that it can be treated. Treatments such as Therapy can help with the behavioral symptoms. Therapists can help people that are suffering from depression and make them feel comfortable about themselves and help them open up.


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